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Why was Drug-Free.Me created?

People have simply forgotten the true meaning of music and it’s purpose.

EDM Festivals give music fans the chance to share an incredibly euphoric experience with other people, the chills and the goose bumps on your skin, while in the wake of a natural body rush as you’re singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs along with thousands of people who are all sharing the same moment as one.

With the levels of music and the magical vibes this great, you no longer need the drugs to achieve the purest state of euphoria.

EDM festivals attract the wrong type of people now because in this world, people are urged to indulge anything that is mainstream. Everyone wants to be ‘cool,’ and if it means being under the influence because everyone around you is doing it, then why not, right? No. The fact that most people attending EDM festivals are young, they aren’t mature enough to educate themselves about the serious risks associated with such, this is the main reason for multiple overdoses and fatalities.

As a way to prevent these tragedies from happening, festivals all over the world are starting to implement programs to keep their attendees hydrated and seek medical attention for these individuals. A few sucessful examples of such programs are Insomniac’s Ground Control & PLUR Alliance's PLUR Angels; they are vigilant eyes who constantly are making sure that everyone is having a good, but safe time.

Stay Hydrated

Festivals are fun and people find they quite quickly forget to drink water!

In order to avoid dehydration, people are recommended to drink more water and carry a water bottle with them all the time. They should aim to drink at least two liters of water every day.

It is important to drink water at regular intervals, especially in hot weather.

In addition to bottled water, that will be available for purchase, there will also be free water at all if not most festivals. It’s a good idea to refill any water bottle purchased inside the event or any other empty beverage container. Empty CamelBaks will also be an amazing addition to your list of items to bring as long they’re allowed inside the festival.

Not only will you find yourself feeling a lot better by staying hydrated, you will be able to focus more and enjoy the festival in a whole new way.